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Facebook Developer Garage - Palo Alto

A must-attend for Facebook fans:

Ping me here so that we can shake hands there

Minimo released by Mozilla

At some point (last year) I was discussion with Mozilla regarding location-aware application development for the upcoming phone-based web browser. Too bad that did not materialized into the code... Still browser is good and hopefully will capture well deserved attenshion and appreciation of the users. In my opinion it is superior to the much-hyped iPhone browser.
Here is the link for the app:
Minimo 0.2
Win Mobile is the only platform at the moment. I am sure other builds will be available soon.

Market maps

Found nice (and free) market maps:
My favorite is "The Gadget & Widget Universe"
Others include:
- The Skype Ecosystem
- A Guide to VoIP
- A Guide to Web 2.0 Communities

Great for your desktop or the wall (if you still have some space left)


What not to do when you have a problem:

Encapsulate it into a bigger problem
Hide, disconnect, or use any other method to burry the head into the sand
Give up
Write to the blog about it instead of solving it