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Facebook Friends Connect

Is a way to extend external sites to provide:
FB identity
FB friends (relationship)
Feed to FB

Demo app at
User experience:
js login method requiresession(): detects state
of usr-FB relationship, log-in into FB if needed. If user has not authorised app -
present app auth dialog. If already has session - just go
init JS, require session

access FB data:
- FBML on external site - use JS FBML parser and replace in browser DOM with FB data
- JS based API to get FB data, REST API on the server site. Sessions work accross any API
- only small subset of FBML us supported at the moment

adding social content:
- use access API

app developers can suggest connections (using
e-mail hash)
user get connect request on FB
Move content from external sites to FB app can register feed template (3 types of
call JS "showfeeddialog" to request user to

confirm data sharing on FB.
privacy protection:
app can cache data for 24 hrs (for …