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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) and PHP

This morning Amazon announced availability of a bulk email delivery service called "Simple Email Service". Anyone who knows how much pain is it to set-up scalable email solution (and it is not just spammers who need it!) should celebrate the occasion. I know of a company that spent several years cleaning ip addresses it sends email and found itself locked into the contract with internet provider since it would take forever to reach required level of email deliver ability anywhere else.

Anyway, this evening I decided to check the Amazon claim that the service is "simple". Found out that it is indeed simple!
Since there is not much in terms of the documentation yet, here is my code where I used AWS PHP library:

// Enable full-blown error reporting.

// Set plain text headers
header("Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8");

// Include the SDK
require_once '../sdk.class.php';

// Instantiate the Amazon class
$ses = new AmazonSES();

//what's our quota?
$rQuota = $ses->get_send_quota();
$quota24 = (int) $rQuota->body->GetSendQuotaResult->Max24HourSend;
$sentCnt = (int) $rQuota->body->GetSendQuotaResult->SentLast24Hours;
"we can send max of $quota24 per 24 hrs and we sent $sentCnt so far\n");

//verify sender email (do it once per sender!)

//send email
$source = '';
$destination = CFComplexType::map(array('ToAddresses'=>'', 'CcAddresses'=>''));

$message = CFComplexType::map(array('Subject.Data'->'test email', 'Body.Text.Data'->'test message ' . rand(100, 1000)));
$rSendEmail = $ses->send_email($source, $destination, $message);

if (
$rSendEmail->status==200) {
$emailId = $rSendEmail->body->SendEmailResult->MessageId;
"sent test email with id: $emailId\n");
else {