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Thursday, September 6, 2007

SF New Tech September Meetup

Visisted SF New Tech September Meetup last night.

Very exciting! People in the audience simply rock. Formal presentations, on the other hand, are behind the curve. Meaning that smart people are not presenting or presenting in other venues? Or rather "work" than "talk"? :) presented upgrade to their browser plug-in. Good implementation but I do not personally see much of the future in the environment of customizable dashboards, gadgets and widgets with much richer experience also a couple years behind the curve - good use of GMap mash-up with RSS feeds. Generated active discussion and bunch of suggestions that were "pushed aside" by the presenter as difficult or computationally intensive to implement. Do we create start-ups to solve exactly these kind of problems? Hire a part-time architect to sort-it-out. - showed a Web site that is, basically, MediaWiki + custom plug-in. Impressed by accurate implementation, good job. Nothing revolutionary, but, really, is it really needed? - I understand obsession with scheduling lunch outings. A lot of work needed (especially integrating with chat software).

The 60-Second Soapbox is were most of the fun were. Apparently there are companies that specialize in placing people to work with "stock options" only compensation, people that want to grab the microphone just to show off there theatrical skill, I should admit, very impressive.

Summarizing the above was fun and I am looking forward for the next event.

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