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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Default is social”, notes from the f8, FaceBook conference

Policy changes:

  • Single permissions dialog
  • Data retention policy changes

Platform changes:

1. Social Plug-ins (tested on this blog)

o a way to provide personalized experience with “Like” button in the core, work on any site
o works via iframe, single line of HTML code
o activity stream plug-in (newsfeed filtered for events only related to the site)
o recommendations plug-in, personalized recommendation experience for users about any product or service
o log-in plug-in that shows friends who are already there
o FB chat plug-in
o “Like” button in the center with hope to serve 1 Billion “likes” within 24 hrs after roll-out

2. Open Graph protocol

o Semantic markers (my understanding is that is another name for microformats)
o Design to represent any object on the web – books, celebrates, movies, etc
o Objects has the same properties as FB pages

3. Graph API

o Complete re-architecture of current platform/API/SDK
o No need for SDK code
o – is a universal way to access/search for objects, people, or connections
o RealTime callbacks (WOW! Finally! App will be notified what users do/change/ when they do that)
o OAUTH (2.0) (like it!)

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