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WOW! Finally there is a way to bring some order to the data on the Web: I am very excited about the project and the very elegant way of linking structural data, unstructured data, images, people, time, and place in a form that is both accessible by humans and computers. - Gene ( )

Why Facebook will eclipse Google

Today, when Google stock reached a new high of 623.22 and company seems like a dominant player of the Internet game, I take liberty to declare that within 5 years Facebook will eclipse Google. Why: Social media potentially more profitable than search. Search is either "find-and-leave" pattern or "search-clickonthead-leave" (and only on this exit money are made by the search company) . Social media is where people come to communicate, express them self, play, hang around, date, and (one day) shop together. Longer people stay - more money could be made. Facebook already gained and most likely will retain leading role controlling big slice of the social graph. They are brilliant in terms of design, user focus, and execution. Facebook engaged developer community in the level I have not seen since Java days. Facebook is heading toward the application infrastructure and development platform that will rule the market similar to how Microsoft used to rule for many years

Graphing Social Patterns: The Business & Technology of Facebook

Inside Facebook

Read a nice book-blog recollection of an early days of Facebook. Stories are very much similar to early days of other companies, successful, or not. So what make it a fun reading is to decipher what really made this company a success story unheard since stratospheric flight of Google. Book is short. I read it in classic "paper" format but it is also available as pdf from writer's site: Inside Facebook: Life, Work and Visions of Greatness