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Lessons from Social Gaming Summit

Many good presentations here. Two that are stand out of the crowd are from MyYearBook and Kontagent . MyYearBook Ideas Games Should Advance What Site is About Play games within streamOpening doors for 3-rd party developers Anyway games are popular for 6-8 mth except “platform” games Game promotionViral channels “promotions”, a way to present apps: Bulletin board In-stream games Action Items (below user profile picture) Notifications Profile Box (badges, etc) Metrics for Social Games (presentation from Kontagent) Trend Observation: From Viral Analytics early on to User Lifetime Value vs External User acquisition so Retaining engagement is important! Key matrix to use these days for social apps: 1. Entry event distribution (why and how users get back to the system). More ways to incentivize entries 2. # Outbound messages/Users 3. Viral messages/Conversion (clicks per post) 4. Virality (K-factor) on FB it’s max at ~.5 these days 5. Engagement (time on site, #times user play, #user action