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IoT World 2016 favorites

My personal favorites at the IoT World Conference Samsung I am very impressed by the Samsung Artik Looks like they are way ahead of competition in terms of understanding of how complete IoT solution should look like. Artik looks like a good platform and ecosystem that includes hardware modules, API specs, cloud, and growing community of developers.  Reference device implementations based on different Artik Modules Reference implementation of sensors and detectors ARTIK 5 Dev kit OTTO robot ARTIK1 module and dev kit Another dev kit (complete with WiFi connectivity) Arduino Arduino for IoT .  It is not as complete as ARTIK but it is open, has a large developer community (myself included),  and working on a MQTT message-based cloud . All the rights components for a big success story!  Here is the right way to demo an IoT solution (based on  Raspberry Pi ) Jaguar  This company really understand usability!