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Why Google should give Google Phones to unemployed

As an act of unprecedented generosity (or desperation) Google decided to give gPhone to every attendee of Google IO conference. While I can certainly applaud Google for the move (as a direct benefactors, of casue) a few red lights start to flash on my technology-navigation dashboard: 1. Does gPhone lost so much ground to iPhone (in terms of applications) that desperate and costly measures are required? 2. If (1) is true, users will flock to iPhone and whatever Google trying to do to mitigate the situation will fail – iPhone will remain dominate cell phone technology(like Windows in consumer OS market) for a long while 3. If (2) is true, open source approach once again has to yield to commercial interests Regardless of the Google motivating factors, the decision to give gPhones to Google conference attendees is flawed for a bunch reasons: - Google IO attendees are Google fans already, they know about gPhone platform - Conference attendees either write gPhone apps already or do not have