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How to make money on Bitcoins

I’v seen a lot of discussions around bitcoins lately: how long they will be around, if this is a new bubble,   how “fixed” they are. For me, another question is more interesting, how will people make money on bitcoins ? I can see these money-making opportunities:       Bitcoin Mining.  I think that the prime time for mining is over for bitcoins. There is an opportunity in mining for alternative virtual currencies but it’s risky as it is unknown what alternatives will be around in a few years        Making tools for bitcoin mining . There are several major players in this space and it is amazing how fast technology is progressing        Conferences and publications . That’s guaranteed to work for the few people with experience in that space       Developing software . There is a need for plug-ins into major web store fronts, end user wallets, point-of-sale devices, etc. May be at some point we will even see plug-ins into accounting software       Arbitr

Wearable Technology presentaion at Appnation

Spent a day at the Appnation conference and want to share my notes from my favorite presentation - wearable technology. I'v been a big fan of wearables for some and it's exciting to see how the technology that was used by a few geeks taking the central stage. Anyway, here are my quick notes from the presentation. DEC 4, 2013  SESSION LEADER: REDG SNODGRASS, FOUNDER, STAINED GLASS LABS ERIC MIGICOVSKY, FOUNDER AND CEO, PEBBLE JEF HOLOVE, FOUNDER AND CEO, BASIS REMI EL-OUAZZANEEl, CEO, MOVIDIUS Q. Why now?  sensor technology becomes affordable cloud is ready, sensor data can be uploaded to the cloud  big companies are making huge investments Q. Why wearables? wearables provide value now, helping solve problems in daily live Pebble watch can provide contextual information (ex: runkeeper app that is active when user is running). My understanding is that sensors can be used to  determine current user's context, if user is walking/running/sleep