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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Location Web presentation at Web 2.0

Location Web

Location = context

Context -> higher relevancy -> user experience

Location is a killer mobile app enabler

Fire Eagle – location broker (get all inputs, have app (publisher) registered). Dopler as publisher. Fireball get access for the info

DO use FireEagle PHP library! (Update, query, integrate)

Geolocation methods:

Triangulation (WiFi 20[m], GPS 1[m], Cell Tower 2000[m]) {Loki JavaScript API} Garmin device plug-in, get path data GPX

Association (IP Geolocation) {quova, ip2location}

Geo Term Extraction {MetaCarta Query Parser API, Urban Mapping GeoMods}

Geocoding {geonames (started with Tiger geoset in Postgres), Google, Yahoo,}


JavaScript API

Browser.getGeoLocation() -

Mobile location

iPhone (WiFi, cell tower) and other mobile API

Symbian S60


WHERE Widgets $3/mth for users, no need to have relationship with phone network provider – where wil do it for you {}

SkyHook (WiFi only)


Cell Tower info sources

ZoneTag (yahoo)



WhereCamp unconference May 17-th, May 18-th. Mt. View

Important: only integrated (combined) location methods can provide reliavle location info


Geocoding Links:

  • geoNames web services:
  • Google Geocoder class:
  • Yahoo geocoding API

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