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Thursday, April 24, 2008

SEO Optimization


(Serve different content, could be in violation of Google policy)

IP delivery is used to get around Google bot (detect if bot is coming from one of Google's computers)

Use English->English translation to detect/display cloaked page

301 redirect

And know when to use 302 instead

Supplemental Index

Supplemental index queries does not work on Google any more. Use method described below: – show only main index pages, can be used in calculation in %% of

To take out of sup index – pop-up rank by linking to home page or by any other method

Duplicate content

Dilute page importance – get rid of them when possible

Scan for it!

Block duplicate content for crawlers by rel=nofollow


Complete control over design/HTML

Menu based on CSS shows SE what is linked (much better than JavaScript)

Can put more emphasis on what is important

Image replacement (careful to not been caught), nice way to get around brand police

Keyword Research

Google Suggest (from toolbar) (from

Keyword Density

Density is not as important as location of these words

"Thin Slicing"

Title text is the most important on the page. Have list of all URL, and list of titles. Make sure singular vst to plural, common misspellings

Reverse Engineering of competitors (with Y! account) Look into internal pages -> export into single .tsv file as the result of all search.

Generate "smart" inbound links

  • Write an article on W3C and link back to your site. They publish in press articles.
  • Become contributor, etc for non-profits
  • Buy existing site for SEO purpose (slowly change content: weeks, month)
  • passing page rank
  • Donate to site thanking to in-kind donors that put your link on the page
  • Put comments on blogrolls
  • Wikipedia (do not edit from your Co address). Wikipedia is no-follow but journalists and bloggers go-to the link
  • Digg. It is as much about submitter as about content. Know community to target, do a lot of altruistic stuff (like with Wikipedia) or go to top 100 digger list and ask Digg pro
  • YouTube, Flicker are not generating pagerank but bloggers and journalist will find you and link from there articles. Titling is very important. Build a micro-site, have co name as log-in on YouTube.

SEO Tools

SEO for Firefox extensions



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